(Written by Rhoda Griffin – March 29, 2017)


I look around

at where I’m found

and see a glimpse

of Your great plan

I can’t stop here

in doubt or fear

there’s still a lot

of road to go



When I don’t know or understand

it’s then You take me by the hand

cuz You know the way my pathway goes

in uncertainty You’re calling me

to lean on You implicitly

to reach up and grasp the hand You hold

if I listen close I hear

You are saying not to fear

in the quiet of my soul

I trust the God who knows


I’m stepping out

a whisper not a shout

I cling to Your

perfect plan for me

Jesus in me

that’s who You wanna see

so make me

who I ought to be




Nothing shall I fear

When you have drawn me near

You know where this goes

Cuz you’re the God who knows


© Copyright 2017 by Rhoda Griffin.  Please do not copy or distribute this content without the express written permission of the copyright owner.




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