“Son of Perdition”

(April 4, 2010 – Rhoda Griffin)

(Matt 26:15, 27:9, Mark 14:10-11, Luke 22:5)

What darkness birthed this covenant

For thirty coins? (Expedient.)

What set your soul to sell Him so?

You sought to make your friend a foe!                      (Matt 26:16,50; Luke 22:4)

What evil lured you towards blood pay,                    (Matt 27:6)

Pursuing Night, forsaking Day?                                   (John 13:30)


You had the chance to turn things back

When He perceived your heart of black;

You must have known He knew it too,                      (Matt 26:2,21,25; Luke 22:21;

That wicked purpose, through and through:            John 13:26-27)

“Woe to that man,” He groaned that day,

“Who does the Son of Man betray.”                          (Matt 26:24, Mark 14:21,41)


That Man with whom you broke your bread,          (Matt 26:23, Mark 14:20,

He planned to take the sinner’s stead;                      John 13:26)

The One to whom the sick were brought,

This was the Man you sold for nought –

The God of all the universe,

He could have saved you from the curse!


You planned to take Him cowardly,                          (Mark 14:11, Luke 22:6,

When opportune for you to flee;                                John 18:3)

You came that night with stave and sword,             (Matt 26:47, Mark 14:43)

As though to take a man of war;                                 (Matt 26:55, Luke 22:52)

All light died out within your heart                       (Matt 26:48-49, Mark 14:44-45

When Hell’s false kiss you did impart.                       Luke 22:47-48)


O how could lips that touched our Lord

Betray the same with such a word?

You knew He was “the innocent blood” –                  (Matt 27:4)

Perceived you not the Son of God?

That kiss – for you the bell must toll –

To come so close, then sell your soul!


What terror then your soul enflamed

When first you learned He was condemned?             (Matt 27:3)

You thought the Master’s fate to sell,

Instead you damned yourself to Hell;

But your remorse rose up too late

And on its heels came no escape.                                 (Matt 27:4)


Thirty coveted coins of silver –                                    (Matt 27:5)

Iniquity’s reward for horror;                                       (Acts 1:18)

The price of blood – what did it yield?                       (Matt 27:6)

The purchase of the potter’s field.                              (Matt 27:7,10)

Thus ends the mournful tale of woe

Where one man reaps what he did sow.


Out, out into the depths of night,

Not knowing where to make your flight,                   (Matt 27:5)

Banished forever from God’s face,

You went to your own wretched place,                      (Acts 1:25)

Hanging – fruit of your decision;                                 (Matt 27:5)

Why were you born, son of perdition?       (Matt 26:24, Mark 14:21, John 17:12)


© Copyright 2010 by Rhoda Griffin.  Please do not copy or distribute this content without the express written permission of the copyright owner.

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