The Lawyer Son

(By Rhoda Griffin)


Heaven above held court today,

Some wondered what my Judge would say,

I had a record miles long,

Recording things that I’d done wrong,

Sins of heart and soul and mind,

It all was there, or so He’d find,

My guilt was sure, I knew it so,

And to this court my soul did go.

I didn’t stand a chance, not one,

Excepting for the Lawyer Son,

I wondered if He’d plead my case?

Maybe HE would take my place?

I walked the aisle towards my fate,

Towards the Judge, with no escape,

I stood before His gavelled hand,

Knew where that hammer soon would land.

I could not look Him in the eyes,

The great One judging earth and skies.

Just when I thought my doom had come,

In steps the Judge’s Lawyer Son,

“Hold off the sentence, it must wait!

New evidence has come to light!

This person’s record has been cleared!

She is not guilty, as she feared!

I hold her record in my hand,

And she has met your each demand!

This record stating debts untold,

It says right here, ‘Paid in Full’

This document which lists her sin,

Declares she has been cleansed within!

I could go on, Sir, through each one,

Made right by Me, your Lawyer Son!”

I might have laughed, I might have cried,

In that great court held in the skies.

Who was this man who pled my case,

With nail-pierced hands and loving face?

“How came you by this evidence,

My lawyer Son? Provide the rest!

How can I rightly set her free,

This guilty one for whom you plead?”

“I met Your standards long ago

To clear the name of this dear soul,

I was the one who took her place

The day You had to hide Your face,

Upon the cross I shed my blood

To make this woman right with God,

I was the perfect sacrifice

To cleanse her sins and bring new life,

It is My testament of blood

That I bring now before the Judge,

It’s written here in My own hand,

In Me she’s met Your each demand,

And so with You I now must plead,

You must forgive and set her free!

Her debts are paid, her record’s clear

No longer has she You to fear!”

I waited there with baited breath,

Would God the Judge give life or death?

Were these fresh claims sure evidence

To clear me and prove innocence?

Down came the gavel, raised on high,

“Pardoned!” rang out the Judge’s cry,

My legs gave way with such relief,

I found myself at Jesus’s feet,

“Thank you, praise you, Lawyer Son,

For all the work that You have done,

To pay my debt and clear my sin,

How much I owe You in return!”

I turned to leave, now free to go,

Why He remained, I didn’t know?

But there were other cases there,

More sinners needed legal care,

The thought of Him before the bar

Brings comfort in my final hour,

I know He’s there to intercede,

In each and every hour of need.

I hope you’ve met this precious One!

I hope you know the Lawyer Son!


© Copyright 2017 by Rhoda Griffin.  Please do not copy or distribute this content without the express written permission of the copyright owner.

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