Break Free

(By Rhoda Griffin October 2017)


I’m standing here again, O Lord

Confessing that same haunting sin

I’ve asked so many times before

I’m asking to be forgiven

How many times will I have to plead

How many times will you intercede

Will you forever find me on my knees

How many times can I be freed


I’m praying for a victory

I’m looking for a breaking free

I’m asking for some liberty

I’m hoping for your life to breathe

I want forgiveness, yes, I do

But more than that, I want you,

This time please help me see it through

I need your Spirit to break through


No condemnation now, I read,

For those who let the Spirit lead

In You I can walk very near

In you closer I cannot be

Abiding in the Father and the Son

United with the Three in One

Our fellowship has just begun

And so with all the rest I’m done


You plead for me before the Father’s throne

And in Your love You won’t let go


© Copyright 2017 by Rhoda Griffin.  Please do not copy or distribute this content without the express written permission of the copyright owner.

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