Upper Room Ministry – John 17:20-26
Jeremy Griffin – October 16, 2019

Jesus has been preparing the disciples for His departure by giving assurance that He is not leaving them without a Comforter, setting a vision and fueling hope. As a conclusion to this time spent with them in the Upper Room, in chapter 17 He now begins to pray.

  • Vs 1-5 Prays for Restoration to Preincarnate Glory
    • “Glory I had with you before the world was”
  • 6-8 Prays about Sharing
    • Manifested Your name
    • Gave them Your words
  • Vs 9-19 Prays for the Preservation of His Own
    • Have unity between them
    • Have Joy
    • Keep from Evil
    • Be Sanctified by Truth
  • Vs 20-23 Prays for Future Believers
    • Unity with other Christians
    • Unity with Christ
  • Vs 24-26 Prays for the Future of Believers
    • Be with Me where I am
    • Behold My Glory

Big Ideas

  • World Might Believe (vs 20-23)
  • His Own Would be With Him (vs 24-26)

Why Does it Matter

  • Important to Him that there is a testimony to His name maintained on earth, so that others will see and believe (major responsibility of the Church) for His Glory
  • His deep love and desire for us to share with Him in His glory should touch our hearts and influence our lives


  • Demonstrated by the love individuals have for Christ and for others
    • Back to basics i.e. Love God/Love Neighbour
  • Get to know your God and you will fall deeper in love with Him
    • There is nothing that will have a more profound impact or make a greater difference in life
  • In any relationship building venture there is no substitute for quality time
    • Quality time is a test of affection and desires
  • Prayer is a time where affection is fanned
    • Mutual sharing, explicit trust required, remembrance, assurance of love/position

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